Frequently Asked Questions

1Why do I need Merlot ?
The internet is the place that most users first check when selecting a service – there are thousands of Facebook groups, websites, and blogs where people can look for reviews and opinions. That’s why your internet presence is quite important; the faster you react to positive/negative reviews and inquiries, the better it is for your brand
2How does it work?
Merlot is a unique automated marketing service that attracts prospects while in the research stage.
Merlot monitors social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, identifying potential customers while they are asking for recommendations about their soon-to-come vacation or business trip, and then automatically engaging them with your high-value offer.
3How do I get started?
It’s quite simple:
Step 1: Contact us and we will discuss your needs, target markets and goals (leads, brand awareness, reviews, and alerts, etc.)
Step 2: We will prepare a dedicated campaign that will address your needs and goals
Step 3: You review and approve our campaign
Step 4: We do the rest! ...And that’s it!
4How many keywords can Merlot monitor?
It depends on your campaign scope. We can monitor combination of languages and keywords.
5How quickly can Merlot respond to negative comments about my hotel?
We will send you a daily report with all comments concerning your hotel. From our experience, we know that dealing with and responding to reviews is best done by a member by our staff who is familiar with every aspect of your business. Therefore, our service also provides quick replies to negative comments within a single business day.
6What will Merlot’s “quick response to keyword searches” accomplish for me?
Very often, consumers start planning a trip and simply ask questions on Facebook, Twitter, or another social network about a nice place to stay. With MERLOT, we can send these customers a message right away, suggesting your hotel service.
7Will Merlot help me with any maintenance issues?
Our team will make sure that you get anything and everything that you need regarding your service. You can contact us for support or requests at
8How do I pay?
Once you fill in your order and we accept it, you can pay via PayPal. If that is not an option for you, please contact our support and they will assist you.