Stop paying commissions to online agencies (like for every night a guest stays at your hotel! With us, you can easily identify and engage prospects who plan to travel and drive them to your website for direct booking.

We use a simple 4 step process




Reach Out






MERLOT monitors social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, identifies and locates potential customers for your hotel/hospitality business. We do the hard work of searching so you don’t have to!

Eric Jones is a businessman, who is invited to a special trade conference in Germany.

He goes to his twitter to share the news and tweets to his followers: “Hello, guys! I am headed to Germany for the trade conference and am super excited!”

Start monitoring now!

Reach Out

Once MERLOT has located potential clients for you, we automatically reach out to them. We engage them in conversations, send them friend requests, retweet their posts and invite them to “like” pages.
Engaging users is the key to a successful conversion.

Minutes after Eric’s tweet, we have already detected him as a potential client. Merlot “likes” his tweet and replies…

Reach out potential prospects!


Now, it’s time to act! Our custom-built webpage will steer potential clients towards your business by offering special deals, discounts, promotions, and notifications.
We’ll contact them on social media and recommend your hospitality service to them.

Merlot’s reply to Eric’s tweet about going to Germany on a business conference has a link to your hotel and goes as: “Hi, there! Check out this great option for a hotel in Berlin! There’s also a 15% discount for first time visitors.”

Eric who has never been to Germany and must arrange his own accommodation for the business trip is pleased with the offer. He clicks the link to your hotel website and quickly arranges his accommodation for the trip by directly booking on your website.

Now it's time to act!

Convert and Retention

Now that we’ve pinpointed customers, engaged them, directed them to your business, and notified them of your excellent service, travellers will beat a path to your door. We’ve already done the hard work so now, you can sit back and reap the rewards!

Eric has already been engaged with your business after he got the recommendation from us. After his positive experience as a guest at your hotel in Berlin, he will share it to his friends and through word of mouth your business will grow even further.

Grow your business!

Additional Features

Pair Merlot Hotel Services with Goulash by DBM for Ultimate control of your social brand image and lead generation
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